"LEO" has finally been released, its production was like a very long journey!
A. Mirror B. Village
Recorded in 1991-2020
All songs written, played and recorded by Aki Tsuyuko
Mixed for Variform gallery by Aki Tsuyuko in 2017
Remixed by Makoto Oshiro and Aki Tsuyuko in 2020
Mastered by Makoto Oshiro in August 2020
Cover Photo is Aki in 1989
Artwork and design by Ippei Matsui
label: Enban
distribution US&Canada: tone poem, Incidental Music
UK&Europe: All Night Flight Records
The A side of "Leo" was commissioned by Variform Gallery in Portland. The gallery operated under the unique concept of exhibiting sound art, and the piece was created by collaging various sources of sound for exhibition there. The piece was created for exhibition, but she wanted to share the piece she had made for Variform with more people, so at her concert "Aki Tsuyuko's Room" at Enban in Tokyo, she played the piece in total darkness, and then improvised over the ending of it - performing it as a suite for about one hour. "Aki Tsuyuko's Room" was a series of irregular shows that Aki performed at Enban from 2016 to 2020 in order to explore a variety of musical expressions in live performances. During these performances, Aki performed in a multitude of forms while exploring methods of expression, having previously only released works through recordings. The live performance on that day was the highlight of the series, and the B side "Village" was newly recorded based on the performance at that time, and made into a piece. -Enban


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